Terms and Conditions

Machula Expeditions is 100% local Company in Cusco Peru legally recognized by peruvian law and local law in cusco city, furthermore as a Machula Expeditions we are sustainable  tour Operator.

We are seriously and responsibly committed to our work in tourism, and we also have our licenses as a travel agency, Machula Expeditions is honest with its service and that makes us different from the others as an indigenous company from the Andes of Cusco.


We highly recommend staying in Cusco for 3 or 4 days prior to departure to get used to the altitude.  Being properly acclimatized will give you the best chance for an excellent tour.

Acceptance of Risk

By booking with us, you acknowledge the personal risk associated with adventure travel, which is presumably greater than casual tourism.

We want to be responsible for whatever happens on our adventure. Sometimes we have problems with  strikes in the streets, if this happens in our adventure, we take quick decisions to continue with our goals of adventure and this has to be with your opinions or permission to continue to our destination

Terms and Conditions – Local Laws and Tour Authority

Everyone participating in our services is expected to abide by local laws and regulations, as well to respect the final decisions of our guides, on safety matters that affecting the tour group. Failure to observe these regulations will result in asking to the client to leave without refund, with no liability to Machula Expeditions.

Passports and Visas

All travelers must have a valid passport and do proper visa arrangements if necessary.

Force Majeure

Certain unforeseeable events, including war or threat of war, terrorist activities, riots, industrial disputes, civil strife, technical or maintenance problems with transportation, flight delays, changes, or cancellations, natural disasters, fire, adverse weather conditions, disease, among others, are beyond the control and responsibility of Machula Expeditions.  We therefore may postpone or cancel the trip without accepting liability.

Travel Insurance

We highly recommend that you protect yourself with travel insurance in case of accident or injury.  Although we will seek medical attention for you if necessary, we do not cover the associated costs.


Complaints must be initially addressed while on the tour to attempt to resolve the issue promptly.  Further complaints can be sent to Machula Expeditions as late as 7 days after the tour ends.

Rental Equipment

Damage, loss, or theft of rental equipment is the responsibility of the renter and Machula Expeditions  may charge up to the full cost of replacement for any of the items rented.  Return of equipment is expected by the end of the tour.  We cannot accept partial returns.  Staff of Machula Expeditions will assess damages, including tears, bends, breaks, loss, and associated fees.